Brain Brew sets the stage for Murder, Mystery and Mayhem! The fun will begin the moment your guests arrive, as they become a part of a fictional world where a sinister act is about to unfold. Calculated clues, fishy red herrings, shady characters and spontaneous scenarios will abound as everyone is invited to participate, laugh and act out roles as they attempt to solve the mystery.

Our "Cases"
Murder In Mud Springs

A gun - a banker - a sultry songbird - set the stage for a showdown !

This western themed Murder Mystery is a raucous romp through the old west. It’s time for Mud Springs to enter the new century with the arrival of the train. Your guests are invited to hear about a savory investment opportunity in this new frontier, when an unsavory event unfolds. Let the voluptuous widow, Pinky Starr Miller Monroe Mason Manchester welcome your guests, as they become a part of the mystery, suspense and mayhem. It’s the good, the bad and your special guests! Its gunfights, fist fights and fights for the best seats in the house! This is the “Blazing Saddles” of interactive Mystery Theater. Your guests will love the ride.

The Case of the Missing Family Jewels It’s sinister secrets and suspicious subtext as an empty display case and a glass-shattering scream bring none other than the famous Detective Sherlock Holmes the 6th - of the Scotland backyard - to the party! The Dimwit Family Jewels, have not been openly displayed to the public in over forty years. In honor of your special event, Lady Rose Dimwit Watson and her husband Waining have agreed to once again expose the Family Jewels for a special viewing. It’s breath taking baubles, a bumbling bookie and a bad case of indigestion. It’s Elementary my dear Dr. Watson… It’s Murder!
Body In The Bathtub (Gin!) Set in the Roaring 20’s, this slapstick satire is a tell-all-tale about ambition and prohibition. Complete with secret passwords, flirtatious flappers, menacing mobsters, and a determined, slightly demented, District Attorney! This show even has two original songs from Richard Sherman of Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang & Mary Poppins fame. (Flapper attire and spats are perfect for this party)
Toga Turmoil For 8-12 players: an expertly hosted mystery where YOU play the characters! (Togas provided)
The Bumbling Burglars Mixed, shaken or stirred, someone's got the ice! This mini-mystery is great for small gatherings!
eXistential eXtermination - X files case #632-8769 Join agents Fox Mohair, and Dizzy Scully as a trail of coded clues and other worldly encounters ignite an expedition into the unexplainable and stimulating world of Sci-fi!
Charlie's Angels - Death At The Disco It's good times, dancing, and someone's got a grudge!
The Dark Pages of the Dark Ages Things King Arthur didn't want you to know!
Murder on a Movie Set Behind the scenes of Bedlam!

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