From boardrooms to convention sites, picnic grounds to sandy beaches, we offer a wide array of innovative games, activities, participatory shows and presentations specifically targeted and custom designed to meet all your team building needs. Our highly acclaimed interactive programs provide maximum excitement and entertainment while igniting the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie. Any of our Games & Activities can be used as Team Building exercises as well.

Our Team Builders
Stress Tai Chi A humorous take on the ancient Chinese art
The Machine Create the fully functional Human Machine!
Consultant for a Minute Because two heads are better than one!
The Tie That Binds An illustration of how we all are interdependent!
The Human Spider Web How to unravel without unraveling!
Pipeline Because what starts at one end needs to make it to the other!
The Maze What if we all had to walk in someone else's shoes?
Puzzle Board Everyone has to piece together this one!
The Making of Your Movie Teamwork at its finest!
Olympic Games The ultimate in team-building! Compete against the other team in wacky and fun "olympic events" , where the best team takes the gold!
You Build It You name it, they build it!
All of our other productions can also be used for Team Building or Educational scenarios. Please refer to our other production listings to see what else we offer.